NORTH CAROLINA: John and Elizabeth Edwards legally separate. Oh my.

After the stunning admission that he not only cheated on his wife while she was suffering with cancer and fathered a daughter with his paramour and then asked a campaign aide to take the rap, ABC News just reported that former presidential candidate John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth are separating.
He’s a PR smarty that one. The former Senator took off to Haiti for a goodwill tour right after he had a spokesperson break the news to the world that he is the father of his paramour’s daughter. This ought to be the perfect prophylactic for his transgressions I’m thinking. Get photo ops with the poor, beleaguered, unfortunate Haitians who unlike himself can’t catch a break to save their lives. How magnanimous of him to be there at this time. What a goodwill ambassador! Okay. There’s no reason for my sarcasm. He’s sorry. He’s trying to make amends by doing something good with his time. He’s like Angelina in a sort of way. Angelina, obviously, has never done anything as reprehensible as what Mr. Edwards did. But when Brad’s marriage imploded in Los Angeles after it was revealed that they had fallen in love (Brad and Angelina, that is) she took off on a goodwill mission to Afghanistan, or someplace like that. And it worked! She got nothing but good press.¬† People ate that up for years. I think John stole a page from Angelina’s playbook.
Can’t say I am surprised about the separation. I am surprised it’s not a full fledged divorce since I believe that was an option for them. They don’t live in New York where you need to prove grounds and it’s not like Elizabeth would have any trouble proving grounds. So why not just let go of the marriage?
And now that he is almost free of Elizabeth, will he explore this thing with Rielle in a more legitimate way? And legitimize Frances Quinn? Frances deserves to be more than just his “illegitimate love child daughter.”
Wow. What a tangled web.  What a tangled web.