With Brooke reportedly in rehab and Charlie out on bail, who will get custody of the twins?

TMZ is reporting that Charlie Sheen’s wife Brooke Mueller has flown by private jet to one of the Carolinas to a rehab center. This is just days after she was released from the hospital for a bout of pneumonia, reportedly. While in the hospital, Charlie, who was ordered to “stay away” by a Colorado judge had to get special permission to visit his wife in the hospital. During the entire mayhem back around Christmas when the couple had their situation, reports were running that both Brooke and Charlie were “under the influence” when the police arrived to their home in the early morning to arrest Charlie for assaulting Brooke. At the time, it was reported that Brooke “blew” a much higher intoxication level than Charlie. Wow. Wonder if this is true?
Now this. Just yesterday, Charlie’s ex, Denise Richards was on Oprah. She had also received a restraining order against Charlie when they were married. It is common knowledge that Denise and Charlie had a unusually volatile marriage and a very protracted divorce and custody battle where she accused her ex husband of a host of unsavory acts and “crimes.”  Things between Denise and Charlie only settled down once he married his new wife Brooke. Yesterday, Denise said, “Charlie and I are in a really good place now.” I have my own interpretation of what that means, but I am not going to say a word. I am keeping my thoughts to myself.
My big question is what happens to Charlie and Brooke’s twin sons who are not even 2 years old? Are Brooke and Charlie “fit” parents? Or do they need to be ordered to get some parenting classes? I am sure they love their boys very much but with this much unrest and the nature of all these allegations between his two marriages: assault, drug use, alcohol abuse, porn, prostitution to name a few, it could be argued that social services ought to step in and do something, preemptively, to save those boys from parents whose immaturity could cause them harm. I wouldn’t necessarily advocate giving Denise Richards custody (although my suspicion is she would be totally tickled by that, if not a little bit gleeful) but I think it’s in the best interest of the children for the state to at least do some sort of investigation the way they did with Elin and Tiger Woods. Sure, we are talking different states. But the issue is the same: the welfare of helpless, innocent children. Failure to conduct an investigation of Brooke and Charlie’s situation with those boys would be tantamount to a dropping of the ball by a state agency that could result in fatalities that nobody should have to hear about. The handwriting is on the wall. Those two individuals-Charlie and Brooke – need some help.