Okay, are you now telling me that John Edwards made a sex tape with Rielle Hunter? Nah ah.

The reason I ask this question is that I think I distinctly heard this afternoon that Rielle Hunter has filed and won a restraining order against former Edwards aid, Andrew Young and that Young has admitted he has a tape of a naked pregnant Rielle and, I guess, a man, who, I guess was Edwards? But I’m hallucinating, right? I mean, besides the adultery which is beside the point, and the illegitimate baby which, I guess, shizzo goes down sometimes; and, aside from the fact that I thought (I guess judgmentally) that asking an aid to take the rap was nuts – and I even used an expletive with that one – now you are asking me to believe this guy was nutty enough, sick enough, crazy enough, irresponsible enough, callous enough, uncaring enough, oblivious enough, reprehensible enough, to make a SEX tape with this woman?
Please folks. I just don’t believe it. Nah ah. No he didn’t.