SAUDI ARABIA: 12 year old drops divorce bid from 80 year old husband

These stories always make me a bit mental, this idea of young girls getting married off to old men in certain countries. I find it so provincial and ludicrous and it says a lot about a society that would even allow for something like this to happen. I want to respect all societies and cultures and customs but some things are just¬†sick and stupid and illiterate and asinine and ridiculous and you just look at these people and expect them to start swinging from trees when you hear things like this. Because obviously, they don’t have fully developed human brains. And I’m sorry if that’s offensive to say, but that is just how I see stuff like this.
But I was reading the New York Times and I saw this story of the 12 year old girl in Riyadh and how her mother dropped a petition to get the girl divorced from her 80 year old husband. The child bride was exchanged for a “large dowry.” And the mother dropped the divorce petition (the mother was acting as the girl’s legal representative) after she (the mother) reconciled with her (the mother’s) estranged husband. So all of a sudden, just because she reconciled with her husband, it’s okay for her daughter to marry an 80 year old. The only stipulation the mother has at this point is for the girl to finish school, before, I guess,¬† the marriage gets consummated.
What’s wrong with these people? The only comfort I get is that, I say to myself, well, hopefully, the old baboon bozo (I’m sorry I know this is an insult to baboons) will be dead by the time the kid graduates from high school. Terrible thing to say, perhaps. But I don’t really care. This arrangement is obscene and they all should be ashamed of themselves.

Update: It seems the Saudi Human Rights Commission has hired a lawyer to represent the girl in obtaining a divorce; also, there is a push to outlaw child marriages in the country. If this goes through, it couldn’t happen fast enough. These types of stories coming out of a country so wealthy like Saudi Arabia is embarassing. They should hang their heads in shame on this one. It is illiterate and stupid that they don’t have laws in place already outlawing this kind of thing. It’s disgusting. Yuck. Gross. They can’t change the laws soon enough. I’d be embarassed to be Saudi just for this reason alone. Read this article in the New York Times about the work the Commission is doing on behalf of the little girl.