How to cook your way to a happy marriage and avoid divorce

I spent the weekend reading Julia Child’s My Life in France.
I truly believe that it was Julia’s love of food and cooking that enabled her to remain married and never get divorced from her husband Paul Child. What a sensuous life they must have led, cooking and eating in Paris, Marseilles and Provence, Bonn, Cambridge, D.C. and Oslo!
Julia and Paul Childs were married till his death. There was a woman who understood the art and pleasure of eating for two. She understood the basic premise that the way to a man’s soul is to cook him unforgettable food. In the Recession Made Me Eat It, did the author not captivate Shiv with¬† french baguette, tomato soup and pinot noir? Luckily for him, they were not married otherwise he would have been trapped for the rest of his life!

No, but seriously. Back to Julia Child and cooking for a man and specifically using food to keep your husband loving being married to you. Sure, times have changed greatly since Julia child and her husband were married and living in Paris. It is tempting to think that it is much more complicated now, that the average guy wants more than a good meal to keep him satisfied and blissfully wedded. Also, who has time to make those Julia Child concoctions? But I don’t think good cooking has to be that complicated. I mean, look at the simple recipes in The Recession Made Me Eat It.

Absolutely nothing takes more than 25 minutes to prepare and most things take less than 10 minutes to prepare. And men just seem to love it when a woman cooks for them. There is something very primal about it. And it seems to make for a happy marriage too. So bon appetit!
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