How to sleep-talk and snore your way to divorce

Talking in your sleep, like snoring, can destroy your marriage. With talking, I think the issue is more what you say rather than just the fact that there is REM speech going on. For example, if you are simply talking gibberish, I don’t think the average spouse would seek a divorce for that. They may even be amused by it, videotape it, and start a video blog which could become popular (I think that actually happened recently.) But if you are talking about, say, how much you can’t stand your spouse; or you are talking about, say, your adulterous affair; or you are talking about criminal activity you are involved in; or you are talking about anything a reasonable person would not appreciate in a marriage, sleep talking can land you fetlock deep in marital trouble.
The best solution is, don’t sleep talk. Barring that, seek medical and or psychiatric help. And whatever you do, keep your nose clean in your everyday so that if you must sleep talk, you’re speech will be pure and devoid of incriminating babble.
As for snoring. Yikes. Some snoring is bearable. But my lord, some snoring is not. Especially when it is the wife who snores, I have to tell you, it can be problematic depending on the volume of it. People expect men to snore. But not so much women. The thing is, some women snore worse than men. In marriage, when someone has to be in bed with you every night like that, it’s almost unfair to subject them to that. Again, get help. I believe there are ways a doctor can alleviate this problem.
Neither snoring nor sleep-talking necessarily has to lead to divorce.
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