Is John Edwards a domestic abuser? Did he beat Elizabeth and punch her in the gut last December?

There are some foul reports that John Edwards hit Elizabeth last year. I think the Enquirer is running the story. Now, concededly, it was the Enquirer that broke the story about his adultery so you can’t just dismiss the paper as a filthy rag anymore. You have to at least think about it for a few seconds before you do that. Could John Edwards, along with all his other transgressions, have hit his cancer stricken wife?
Maybe. Maybe not. I can tell you this: there is no redemption for this guy. His political career is over.    Caput. He has to go back to law practice, or do some consulting or something.
My suspicion is, he did not hit Elizabeth. A lot of times when parties divorce, one spouse (usually the wife) cries abuse. And sometimes it’s true. But a lot of times, it’s leverage. In this case, it would be major leverage for Elizabeth to accuse John of this ugly misdeed. Everyone will believe it because of what he did with the Rielle/Quinn situation. His reputation is shot and now if Elizabeth piles on the accusations, no one will bother to separate facts from lies. This is just the stakes. Elizabeth knows it. John knows it. Everybody knows it. If she lets this story build, she can exact a lot more settlement from him when and if they divorce.
Unless, of course, this is true. That he hit her. Wow. Stranger things have happened, of course. Domestic abuse knows no boundaries. All groups of human beings all over the world are susceptible. Some of the most handsome men in the world are major abusers. It has nothing to do with their jobs, status, race or anything. But is John guilty of this?
Well, he’s a liar. He lies convincingly. That means he’s two-faced. He tried to pull off a major farce. A bold-faced, in your face deception. And he’s a personal injury lawyer who’s made billions in the aggregate for clients….did he hit Elizabeth? Boy. That’s a tough one. Is he capable of that? Did he do it?
I don’t know. The only thing I know for sure is that he’ll never be president. He’ll never win public office again.