Will "bachelor" Jake Pavelka wind up divorced if he chooses Vienna Girardi as his bride?

I’ve seen three episodes of ABC’s “the Bachelor.” I’m very serious. Just three since the franchise has been on the air. And all three occurred this January. I was away for a few weeks on a vaca and the folks I was visiting had a TV. So I watched TV. I watched The Bachelor. Against my better judgment. I like to think I am too much of an intellectual to watch vapid shows like the Bachelor where “airheads” marry their way to fame. But you know what? This neo-intellectual actually enjoyed the friggin’ show! And so I watched it three times (three weeks in a row) and I found/find myself rooting for Vienna. I think she’s the most interesting contestant of all the other women. She’s daring, brave, attractive and slightly off her rocker which I think a lot of guys would find irresistible. Besides, the other yentas are so judgmental and superior that I can’t stand them. At all. I really want Jake to choose Vienna.
But I was just reading Huffington Post and I saw this headline: Bachelor’s Vienna Drained Jilted Ex-Husband’s Savings On Boob Job. And then I read the entire article which Huff excerpted from US Magazine and I thought, hme…maybe Vienna is more than I bargained for. Maybe it would be a mistake for Jake to marry her, based on hearsay from her ex-mother in law and her ex-husband. I mean, what kind of woman splurges on breast implants with the last $5,000 her husband had on the bank WHILE HE IS DEPLOYED IN IRAQ? This is not a warm woman. This is an opportunist and someone who is cold, calculating and insensitive, I’m thinking.
I mean, if true, then she would be all those negative things. It may not be true. I did not discern anything particularly remarkable about her boobs to tell you the truth. They look pretty regular sized to me, actually. I mean, why get a boob job if you aren’t gonna go all Anna Nicole Smith?
Hme…it could just be that these folks are bitter against Vienna for some reason. She seems to stir a lot of jealousy and controversy whereever she goes without too much effort. I wonder why? Last week, Jake described her as “exciting.” And I think I see why. She is kind of “exciting.” Wish I were more like her, actually.  But the question is whether she’s more than just exciting, whether she’s got a darker side that I can’t see and that Jake also can’t see. Because if she does, obviously, marriage would be a mistake.
And at 23 (she’s described as an “unemployed 23 year old former Hooters waitress in the article) isn’t she too young to already have been divorced?
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