MILAN: Will Silvio Berlusconi settle his divorce or go to trial?

The Italian paper, Corriere della Sera reported the other day that Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and his wife Veronica Lario met in Milan to hash out divorce details. But they couldn’t agree because she wants a couple of million euros per month alimony, and he wants to only give her about $300,000 per month alimony. had a story about it here. The only thing is, this guy is a billionaire. He has some balls offering is wife and mother of his three children $300,000 Euros per month in alimony. If I were her, I’d tell him to take that and…gosh what would I tell him to do with it? I would tell him to…I would tell him to….I would tell him to take it and put it in his…no. I would just tell him “no deal.” I would simply say “no deal.” And I would stare him down with a really hard stare and I would say, “no deal, bozo.” And then I would smile. 🙂 But it wouldn’t reach my eyes. It would be all teeth. And he’d probably think I was crazy. Which would be good. It’s good for these types to think the wife is crazy. Cause crazy people can be unpredictable and I’m sure he doesn’t want her to be too crazy so near the election. Know what I mean? The nerve of this guy.  As if it’s not bad enough she suspected him with the teenager named Naomi. Now this. $300,000. He muss be mad.
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