Can medical marijuana use/addiction lead to divorce?

I thought I’d post about medical marijuana since it’s a hot trend on Google this week. And of course, since this is a divorce blog, I’ve got to come up with a divorce angle. Hence, can medical marijuana use/addiction lead to divorce? I guess yes. Like any other addiction, a person can be addicted to marijuana even when used medically. Aren’t loads of folks addicted to doctor prescribed medications the globe over? And, an addiction to marijuana can be a deal-breaker for some folks just like an addiction to any other prescribed medication can sometimes wreck a perfectly good relationship.
Some people just have a low tolerance level for pot heads, unless, of course, they are dead wringers for Brad Pitt or something. As far as medical marijuana use, if it is being used medically, I don’t see why it should lead to divorce, necessarily. If someone needs it for the pain, they need if for the pain. The only thing is, some people just can’t stand the smell of marijuana. Or even the idea of living with a pot head. I am one of those people. I think it (marijuana) stinks to high heaven and I wouldn’t want to be around that odor all the time like that. I get annoyed if someone smokes that stuff in my presence. So I can well imagine that for someone with a low tolerance level for the smell of marijuana, being married to someone who needs to take it all the time? That could be problematic.
Jeeze. So many things to think and worry about when you are married. So many issues to circumnavigate. Why do folks bother to get married? And my big question is, is there a genuine need for this medically? Or is this an excuse people use to get their fix? And I ask the question without meaning any offense to any genuine sufferers. But is this for real? If so, I guess one thing couples may need to do is to negotiate when the dosages will actually be administered. Maybe your spouse will agree to smoke it while you’re at work? That way you don’t have to inhale it 🙂 and they don’t have to feel like you’re an insensitive jerk who would rather they suffer than get some help with the pain by smoking a little joint? I don’t know. Just a suggestion.
Well, whatever the case may be, good luck with that. I sympathize. Cause that stuff just absolutely stinks. It’s like, ew!
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