NEW YORK: Debbie Madoff divorce from Andrew Madoff on ice?

I was just reading the New York Times’ Dealbook which is edited by Andrew Ross Sorkin and it seems the entire Madoff clan, including Andrew and Mark Madoff (the sons), Peter Madoff (the brother) and Shana Madoff (the niece) have all agreed to an “asset freeze” imposed by the trustee Irving H. Picard. What that means is that they need permission to spend anything over $1,000 till Mr. Picard’s $200 million lawsuit against them, on behalf of defrauded investors, is adjudicated.
Leads me to wonder about Debbie Madoff who  filed for divorce from Andrew Madoff December 2008 on the same day Bernie Madoff was cuffed and taken downtown to be arraigned. That divorce can’t possibly be settled with this much still going on. This investigation, this case will likely take a while to resolve itself. Meanwhile, even though Deb and Andrew seems to have had a quiet, amicable split, there doesn’t seem to have been any equitable distribution; the judge has pretty much put that on ice. From the get go I’ve always worried about that for the former Mrs. Andrew Madoff. She married him when they were both in their twenties and got out of the marriage roughly 20 years later when she was in her early 40’s. She’s been a housewife this whole time; no recent job skills. You have to wonder what she’s going to do now? Chances are, by the time Picard gets through with Andrew, there won’t be anything to equitably distribute.
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