BEIJING: Should parents lose custody for chaining 2 yr old to lamppost outside mall?

This is a bizarre story from Beijing China. It definitely would have been more shocking if it was here in America and I am sure Child Welfare Services would have stepped in and put this child in foster care. But according to the New York Daily News

Pedicab driver Chen Chuanliu chained his 2-year-old boy to a lamppost outside a Beijing mall while he chased after customers on a nearby street. The adorable toddler’s mother was also working nearby, collecting rubbish from the roadside, while the boy was tethered to the pole around his ankle.

Wow. I guess I understand how under certain circumstances crazy shizzo goes down. But to padlock a child to a lamppost? To padlock a 2 year old to a lamppost? That is tantamount to child neglect and I am tempted to say that they should at least be forced to take parenting classes, if not outright lose custody of this kid. Go here for pics of the padlocked kid.