OTTAWA: Can divorce ever be funny?

I have to tell you that in my past incarnation as a divorce lawyer, I have had some very funny moments interacting with my clients. I don’t know what it was. But all of them (those with a sense of humor) and I (mostly the female ones) at one point or another sat in my office and cracked up about the whole sordid affair. I mean, we just laughed our heads off. It usually would begin with the client going into details about some “wrong” the husband did (sex was usually involved but not always) and I often was so shocked at what I was hearing, that a giggle would escape. And then the client would giggle back and before you know it, we were bowling over unable to stop the snowball of mirth wafting across the office.
The same thing that makes people so angry when they get divorced, can often be insanely hilarious. Sometimes, it’s the anger itself. The client is so freaking angry at what the husband did, that I look at her and as a woman having had my own experiences (though not marriage) I just totally relate and it just makes me laugh. Because what are you going to do with this species called men? As a woman what can you do? Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. It is what it is. It’s tragic and infuriating and cliche and funny all at the same time.
I am not the only one who shares these sentiments, by the way. I was just reading a Canadian paper, Ottawa Citizen. This divorc√©e Rebecca Rotenberg has self-published this one panel calendar and desk cartoon and in it, she chronicles all the things that are funny about divorce. She says her secret weapon is her “empathy” for men. She feels they get the short end of the stick with divorce – and a lot of time, that is probably true. Poor little babies. They are as bad as sin, but still, they are not totally to blame for the breakdown of our relationships. This is a fact a lot of women have trouble coming to terms with and admitting. Women are not innocent little angels. We can be bitchy, unreasonable shrews who drive them to drink; or worse, to the arms of other women.
And maybe it’s not even all that. The point, though, is, that in a marriage, it takes two. No one party is totally to blame when a divorce ensues. And ultimately, this thing called divorce can be rather amusing in some instances.
I haven’t actually seen a copy of Rebecca’s cartoon/calendar but I think it’s available at and her blog is
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