HOLLYWOOD: Was Avatar director James Cameron's workaholic ways the reason he divorced wife Linda Hamilton?

According to the Daily News, Linda Hamilton, ex wife of Avatar director James Cameron told the UK Sun that the reason they divorced was that he was a workaholic. All he wanted to talk about at the time was his 11 Oscar movie, Titanic. Notwithstanding the rumors that he actually left her for a woman he met on the Titanic set, Ms. Hamilton credits the movie and her husband’s workaholic ways for the demise of the marriage.
What did she get as a settlement? According to the Daily News, she got $50 million dollars. For a two year marriage, that wasn’t a bad deal at all. Eh? She may never have to work again for the rest of her life.
Oh, and Mr. Cameron is now married for a sixth time? (It can’t be that many times!) to Suzy Amis the mistress he was rumored to have during the filming of Titanic.