SOUTH CAROLINA: Man kills wife's divorce lawyer then commits suicide

It took one gun shot to the head for South Carolina divorce attorney J. Redmond Coyle, 61, to be shot dead in the parking lot outside his office, by his client’s husband, a man by the name of Jerry Dean Crenshaw. Says the Associated Press:

Crenshaw’s wife had hired Coyle after the pair filed for divorce in 2007, according to court filings. That divorce became final in May 2009, but the couple had been haggling over splitting up property they had owned together, said Harold Welborn, Pickens County clerk of court.
The most recent dustup came Jan. 27, when Crenshaw was served with a court order requiring him to sell a house and parcel of land he and his wife had owned and split the proceeds with her, Welborn said. Property records show the couple had lived in a Pickens home valued at more than $120,000. More.

Wow. That’s crazy.¬† This is what happens when folks blame the lawyers for their own failures in their marriages. It happens all the time. Divorce lawyers have a very bad reputation. It is illogical because these people are just doing the job they were paid to do. A lot of folks won’t hire a lawyer to handle a divorce unless he or she has a reputation for being “cut throat” and “tough”. They won’t go near a lawyer who can’t do the combat they seek. Both sides do this. But then, when the shizzo hits the fan, they blame the lawyer for their divorces. It doesnt’ seem to compute to most people that by the time the lawyers come into the story, these folks have already done a nice job wrecking their own marriages and families.
And it’s always about the money. Most folks don’t fight as viciously for the kids as they do for the money. They want their fair share and sometimes they want even more than that. That’s not to say every divorcing couple is guilty of this. But too many are. If they don’t get as much as the material spoils as they think they are entitled to, a common reaction is, “you didn’t do anything for me. You botched my case. You let my ex get everything.”
It’s a kind of greed on the part of some folks that would drive them to do things like this, to kill the lawyer. And there is increasing cases of violence against divorce lawyers. It’s becoming a real occupational hazard.
And what’s the point? The guy won’t even be held accountable. He killed himself afterwards and even left a note in his car stating his intentions to murder the lawyer. Wow. This is just crazy.