Super bowl divorces are on the wane?

Used to be that less women were into sports than currently are. What that has meant historically is that around super bowl time, a lot of marriages in America went belly up due to the emotional and often physical absenteeism of the nation’s husbands. But a lot of chicas wised up and realized it wasn’t worth it to pout and carry on and act like an ice queen around this time. It was much easier to join the husband and his deranged friends in this frenzied past time and tradition. So chicas began making superbowl dinners, throwing super bowl parties, inviting over friends of husbands (and their wives!) to watch the superbowl together, and otherwise become superbowl/football fiends themselves. And it’s worked! Less divorces due to superbowl absenteeism as I said….I think today is the superbowl in America. I think. I am one of those women who are totally uninformed about this sport and it’s schedules and activities. But I could almost swear that I’ve discerned a shift in the nation’s consciousness and conversations and every now and then, I think I’ve heard (but I could be hallucinating) that this weekend is superbowl Sunday. Please correct me if I’m wrong, of course. But I think it is. It may be going on right now. I just saw on line that even Brad Pitt and his son Maddox have flown from Lax to Miami to view this thing….Oh, that’s right. I think it’s going to be held in Miami this year.  Wonder who’s playing who?