CARRIBEAN: The 6 best Carribean Islands to get your groove back after divorce (and how to get there)

 NECKER ISLAND – Billionaire Richard Branson owns this island and he does allow well heeled moneyed tourists to come ashore and explore it for a price. If you have the financial means, why not check this one out as you try to put your failed marriage behind you? It might be just the thing the doctor ordered but forget about bagging Branson. He’s already taken and ain’t going nowhere I’ve heard.
Here’s how Necker is described in the brochures: neckerisland-gallery-bali_lo-large

“Sir Richard Branson’s 74 acre private island is unquestionably the most idyllic place in the British Virgin Islands. Hire the island exclusively for up to 28 guests or share with others during Celebration Weeks. Stay in one of 14 rooms located in the Great House or beautiful Balinese style houses dotted around the Island.”

So, if you want to know how to book on Necker Island, go here: oh, and I guess the next question is how to get there? Well, Necker is part of the British Virgin Islands, off the coast of Virgin Gorda. The best and only ways to get here are by speed boat or helicopter. Pick your poison.
ST. MAARTEN – Dutch and French island (they had a fight over it and formed a treaty which said they share it and so they have for 350 years and it’s worked out quite nicely)  part of the Netherland Antilles, this island is right off the coast of Puerto Rico. It is equal parts French, Dutch and Afro-Caribbean so there is a dizzying amount of ways to keep occupied and entertained. You absolutely must go. How do you get there? JetBlue, of course.
ANTIGUA – With 365 beaches and gorgeous, happy, relaxed people everywhere this is the kind of reverse paradise you need to forget your troubles. Sure it’s totally romantic and the weather is seductive. But if you really want to get over your ex, this can only be a good thing. How do you get there? Many airlines go to this island direct. Fly Air Canada, Continental, British Airways and American Airlines. If you are flying in from the Caribbean region, there is always LIAT and other private airlines which can get you there in a blip.
MONTSERRAT – Tiny island that is, for all practical purposes, uninhabited since the volcano erupted in the late nineties and sent everybody running for England and Antigua. But there are hardy, brave people still there studying the volcano and basically just enjoying having the entire island to themselves (just under 5000 folks have returned). Should you go? It depends on what you like. But if you are seeking adventure coupled with solitude, this may be just the island for you. How do you get there? By boat. Or Winair – from Antigua.
GUADELOUPE – Do you have a little french fetish going on? Want to lose yourself in a different culture entirely? Check out this paradise which was once colonized by the French. Get there by LIAT and other major international airlines.
ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES – there is this one island that is particularly delicious. Well, the Grenadines are a series of tiny little islands including Mustique and Bequia. Bequoia is really cool and not so touristy and populated. You can even take a cruise here that includes a few other islands if you are feeling like you would get bored just lying on some Caribbean beach trying to forget your ex. Go yachting and scuba diving with some of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous instructors. Stay at a luxurious hideaway. Go on an eco-adventure. Get there by private charter, LIAT or other major international airlines.
Originally published November 20, 2009