MIAMI: Narcy Novack gains control of her slain husband Ben’s $10M fortune (and that of his mother’s)

I was just reading a story on Slate about how “veteran journalist Gerald Posner” at the Daily Beast had plagiarized a story in the Miami Herald about Nancy and Ben Novack….
Anyways. The story about the Novacks is interesting, obviously, because it has a divorce nugget in it. Seems the husband, Ben, was found bludgeoned to death in a New York Hotel back in 2009, and the wife was a suspect for some time and the relatives and the couple’s daughter wanted to have her removed from the will and it was revealed that he had tried to divorce her in 2002 after she had tied him up and said something to the effect of “if I can’t have you no one else can.” (This according to a Miami Herald report.) But then he dropped the divorce and reconciled. But then last July, he was murdered and the wife was the sole beneficiary of his will and she inherits $10 million plus the entire estate of his 87 year old mother who died a few months before her son was bludgeoned, according to the Miami Herald.
Wow. Could she have done this? I guess not because no arrests were ever made and the  relatives had to drop the case. Even the death of the 87 year old mother was ruled “accidental.” Could the 53 year old Narcy have gotten away with murder and the two estates? Well, if so, too bad. If not, kudos to her for making out like a bandit like that.
These stories are getting more and more indigestible for some reason. They leave me speechless.
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