NEVADA: Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray to be arrested for failure to pay child support

When it rains, it pours nightmares for Michael Jackson’s “homicide” doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. The state of Nevada is about to issue a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay $13,000 in child support to a California woman. The Las Vegas District attorney David Roger told the Associated Press that the doctor could lose his medical license if this failure is not cured in 30 days post arrest (assuming the arrest does take place.) Says the AP:

Nevada laws allow prosecutors to go after professional licenses belonging to those behind on child support.¬† “We’re not singling out Dr. Murray, this is an option that we frequently use in order to make sure that people pay their obligations,” Roger said.

Wow. What a tangled web we weave when we overdose international pop sensations, Dr. Murray.
Look at what you got yourself into? Look at the spotlight you have shone on your life all because you did not do what you were legally and morally required to do, which was refuse to inject Michael Jackson with propofol or whatever it’s called. You are a doctor and are held to a very high standard of care, both ethically and legally. You knew he shouldn’t have been taking this drug yet you administered it to him. That was a very grave error in judgment, and it’s put such a negative light on you and probably will ruin your career. Now, no matter how you twist this, you will likely lose your medical license because you have no money on account of the legal battle to clear your name and now you can’t pay your child support.
Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to overdose international pop sensations with illegal prescription drugs. I don’t want to join the bandwagon and judge you, Dr. Murray. But you killed Michael Jackson! By your hands, he died! And it didn’t have to be this way. It didn’t have to be this way. And normally, I would try to defend someone like you. But what can I say in your defense? You leave me with no way to defend you. You killed Michael Jackson by injecting him with that drug. It was the drug that killed him. Drugs he should not have been given. Drugs you ought to have known were illegal under the circumstances.
Now, this child support thing is another headache. And the sad thing is, you probably have been doing the best you can to avoid it coming to this but you just don’t have the money with all and all going on at the moment in your life. But what can I say? You killed Michael Jackson -whether intentionally or accidentally it is still homicide – due to the fact that you failed to do the right thing. And now your whole entire life, and maybe even that of your kids, is spiralling out of control.
But at least you are still here even though you can’t pay child support. Michael Jackson’s kids are fatherless as we speak. And I feel sort of bad for you because it seems a little bit like you are being singled out. I mean, in New York, getting arrested for failure to pay child support is the last resort after many options have been exhausted over time. But you are notorious now and so they are going for the jugular on a fast track it would seem. I feel bad. But what can I say? How can I defend you? Michael Jackson is dead.
Originally published October 8, 2009
UPDATE: Dr. Murray has been officially charged with manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. I feel great sadness. There will be no winners here. Nothing will bring back Michael Jackson. And this doctor has ruined his life. All his work, everything he’s done in his life is now in jeopardy of coming to nought with a conviction (he plead not guilty). And for what? Because he tried to game the system and take short cuts and failed to stand up to his ethical and legal duties. Nobody is perfect obviously. And I feel bad for this guy. But it think there needs to consequences to what he did. There has to be a message sent to these Hollywood/celebrity doctors. I understand having financial problems. Believe me I do. But you can’t solve it this way, Dr. Murray. And I can’t defend this. I want to say something in your defense but I just can’t. I forgive you. I have grieved this icon’s death. But you still have to pay the consequences. That is what I think.