UTAH: ex-mother in law arrested and charged with murder of ex-daughter in law

Associated Press:

Salt Lake County prosecutors charged a 70-year-old woman with murder on Thursday in the fatal shooting of her daughter-in-law. Court papers say a witness saw Mary Nance Hanson fire multiple shots into the car of 34-year-old Tetyana Nikitina as she prepared to leave the Salt Lake Community Action Program Head Start school on Friday…

Wow. I feel like I use that word a lot but it’s such a catch all word and so much is happening these days that leave me speechless with either shock, horror or disbelief that all I can say is “wow.”¬† Now, mind you, this ex mother in law is said to have shot the ex daughter in law because of ongoing disputes surrounding the daughter in law and her (the mother in law’s) son’s 2005 divorce. 2005! These folks have been warring with each other for five years!!!
I wonder why the mother and not her son did this? (I should say that she has denied the charges even though there are, purportedly, eye-witnesses putting her at the scene and pulling the trigger.) At 70 I guess she felt she didn’t have that much longer to live anyways. See, this is the danger when you come up against certain folks. They have nothing to lose. These are dangerous enemies. Those who have nothing to lose.
Is anyone safe anymore? Is anyone safe?