WHITE PLAINS, NY: Wealthy jeweller accused of incinerating wife (the two were in the midst of divorce proceedings)

My God.  The more I do this blog is the sicker I get about this marriage/divorce business. This thing, this institution of marriage, just seems more and more perilous, more and more risky to life and limb!

Now, according to the Associated Press, this guy up in White Plains, a “wealthy jeweler”, 68, thrice married, is charged with incinerating his 49 year old third wife. Did you hear that? INCINERATE. Oh shit. (He has two exes in Europe). And basically, the prosecution has this on him: he once asked a mortician how to incinerate bodies when his mother was cremated by said mortician. How morbid is this? My blood just ran cold. It really did.
So now, he claims, according to Associated Press reports, that he only asked about it, and only used the knowledge of cremation to “concoct a false confession so investigators would stop harassing him.” Now, what the hell does that mean? And then he goes on to testify that he “asked to speak with a judge or district attorney because they had higher IQ’s than police officers” after he couldn’t get the police to buy the idea that he had “concocted” the story about the incineration (apparently he confessed to the crimes initially and then he recanted). But his wife remains at large nearly 2 years later.
So now, this guy, Werner Lippe, is on the hook for the murder and disappearance of his wife Faith Lippe. Prosecution witnesses wearing a “wire” testified that he, Mr. Lippe told him (the friend) that he (Mr. Lippe) had incinerated his wife in a “55-gallon drum in their yard.”
Marriage is getting scarier and scarier. And deadlier and deadlier. Why is this? What causes this? Is it a failure by women (and to a lesser extent, men) to heed red flags during courtship? Or is this kind of thing unavoidable no matter what you do?
Says the Associated Press:

Lippe, who had a jewelry business in Manhattan’s diamond district, testified that he kept acids, some of them dangerous, and tools at home because he sometimes worked there as well.
He said he melted gold and platinum and soldered wire.
Lippe said his mother died in 2006. She was to be cremated in Austria, and he was interested in the process, he said.
“I’m a curious person to begin with,” he testified, adding that the Discovery Channel is his favorite. He said he asked the “funeral person,” “By the way, how do you burn people?”
Lippe said he learned that temperatures above 1,600 degrees are needed, fire or electric heat can be used and bones have to be ground up and added to the ashes after cremation.
He said he learned enough to know that the prosecutors’ theory that he burned his wife’s body in a barrel is “an impossibility.”

“You cannot burn a body and make the bones disappear,” he said.

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