Divorcing? Was it your narcissism?

It’s snow day in New York today and all the children are home from school. Outside my window, flakes of snow gently flutter against the pane. Inside, I’ve just imbibed a cup of café au lait and I’ve sat down to write a post that is light and fun. But what is light and fun about divorce? Divorce is just not a light and fluffy subject is it? It is heavy and dark and full of pain.
So I thought I’d pull out draft 29:  Was it your narcissism? Or were you married to a “vainglorius tart” who only cared about themselves. Which one of you, in other words, was the narcissist? Because I have to tell you, it doesn’t matter who was the culprit, more than likely the marriage can’t survive. The thing with narcissists is that they think only of themselves. They are selfish, self-absorbed and insensitive. The narcissist thinks nothing of spending the last $5000 in the marital account on plastic surgery.  Or leaving a sick spouse behind to attend a ball game with friends; or using the family home as collateral for a hair-brained business idea and then taking all the money loaned and splurging on expensive vacations and showy cars.
To me, these types of people are divorces waiting to happen. There is no end to the permutations of ways in which the narcissist can destroy a marriage. The pain these types inflict just sort of snowballs till it becomes a blizzard, a total white out of emotions, and divorce is just inevitable, the only logical result.
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So, I decided to trudge to Manhattan to file a memorandum of law with the court in an annulment case that seems to never end. I bundled up like a real snow bunny and braved the elements. I ought to have known it was a bad idea since very few people were actually on the streets. Make a long story short, the court was closed for the day due to the blizzard. So I turned right around and started to head back. But on my way to the subway I had one of my more brilliant ideas. I decided I wanted to walk to Brooklyn from Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge just so I can see what it is like to take the bridge in a snow storm. Well, let me just tell you. It’s like being caught in an avalanche in Leningrad in 1917 or something. I wanna tell you, I was so scared I wouldn’t make it out of there alive. It was a total white out up there. The East River was blanketed, nothing but white. I was not the only nut up there, btw. A couple of other crazies were braving the elements – two photographers with their cameras, a pair of lovers, a lone Hispanic guy who seemed like he was unsure where he was and why he was there. The wind was pretty strong; the snow quite slippery. But you know what? It was more beautiful than I could have imagined, one of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen, actually. I looked down on Chinatown, South Street Seaport; I could barely see the Manhattan Bridge in the distance. But it was truly spectacular. Everyone should do it just once. Walk across the Brooklyn bridge during a blizzard…..
Well, okay. Let me stop before I start being a narcissist. Have yourself a wonderful snow day everyone! Lots of luv!!!
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