UK: Wealthy landowner Adrian Prout murders wife during "acrimonious divorce" and gets life sentence

Yet another story of divorce killings and divorce violence. This one from England. According to the

A judge today criticised a wealthy landowner for not revealing where he had hidden the body of his estranged wife after he murdered her.
Adrian Prout was jailed for life for the murder of retired teacher Kate Prout and told he would serve at least 18 years.
Mrs Prout’s body has never been found, prompting her family to appeal to Prout to end their agony and tell them how she met her end and where the body was.

The report from Guardian also reveal that Mr. Prout may have been having an affair with a house-sitter and had an illegitimate child with another woman.¬† What was his alleged motive for this killing? Well, it seems the deceased wife wanted more money than they had stipped to in their settlement. What did I say in the article I wrote yesterday about the increase in the number of divorce killings? It’s always about the money. It’s about the money. A lot of husbands are killing their wives because they don’t want to deal with the “distribution” that comes after a divorce. Many think their wives are greedy. Is this the case? Is it greed on the part of these wives? Or criminal selfishness on the part of the husbands? And I should say, to be fair, that there are a few cases involving wives as the perps too. And money is usually at the root of the whole thing.
In the Prout case, this is what the Guardian said about a possible motive:

Prout, 47, killed his 55-year-old wife during an acrimonious divorce. A trial at Bristol crown court was told that shortly before she vanished from their home in Redmarley, Gloucestershire, two years ago, Mrs Prout had increased the amount of money she was asking for as part of the settlement.

Wow. This is frightening to me. What advice can I give anybody going through divorce when I survey this killing trend? None. I don’t have any advice. It’s one thing to say that people should just accept what ever little they get from their spouse as settlement. But that doesn’t make it fair. Some men seem to feel that upon divorce the wife should get nothing. But some wives are kind of unreasonable too and they want too much. It’s a tough dilemma. A deadly stalemate for some couples. I don’t know what advice to say. I have no sage advice to dispense actually. I’m just scared for folks. Really scared.