NEW YORK: Did Alec Baldwin attempt suicide due to post-divorce and custody depression?

OMG. IĀ  just read that Alec Baldwin was admitted to a hospital in New York and examined for an overdose of pills after his daughter Ireland called 911. That can’t be true? He was just in a very successful movie with Meryl Streep and Steve Martin. He’s due to host the Oscars. Why would he overdose on pills? What is going on in Hollywood?
I never thought that Alec got over Kim Bassinger. He strikes me as a Bruce Willis type who, when they love a woman, they really love her and it’s really hard for them to get past it – it takes years and years and that they never really get over it. They just learn how to cope and how to function in spite of the abysmal pain. That is what I think. He never got over his divorce from Kim and if she took him back today, he’d take her back in spite of everything that has happened.
That is part of the reason he’s so fixated on his daughter Ireland. It’s all mixed up with his fixation with the child’s mother. And no matter what he accomplished, how many accolades and awards he receives, he’s still not happy because he doesn’t have Kim.
How very tragic!
Update: Ok. I’m delusional. It seems there is no love lost between Alex and Kim. Rumored reports are that Kim may have (allegedldy!) put daughter Ireland up to calling from LA to say Alex had taken pills….then tipped off the paparazzi.