JAPAN: Professional "marriage splitter upper" Takeshi Kuwabara to get 17 years for strangling lover Rie Isohata?

Japan, apparently, is a “fault” jurisdiction which means in order to get out of a marriage, folks have to prove grounds. The reason I surmise this to be so is that there seems to be a custom in Japan where married folks hire wakaresaseyas (in English, “marriage splitter uppers”) to seduce their unsuspecting spouses so that these folks can have grounds for the divorce.  Timesonline.co.uk had an article a day or so ago called, Japanese murder exposes world of hired marriage wreckers and it has to do with one of these so called marriage splitter uppers who fell in love with his subject and then killed her accidentally.
The rarified business of wakaresaseya is growing in Japan. The services are not just used by married people who want to catch their spouses in flagrante delicto, but married folks are probably the ones who use wakaresaseya the most. Wakaresaseya is not unlike a private detective in the West, except that in the West, a spouse does not usually hire the private detective to seduce his or her wife; instead, they hire the private detective to uncover who, if anyone, is seducing their spouse. The wakaresaseya in Japan takes private detective work almost to an immoral and unethical level:

Wakaresaseya perform a variety of functions, but all of them arise from the Japanese dislike of direct confrontation. Rather than pleading with him face to face, a woman whose husband is having an affair may hire a splitter-upper to seduce his mistress away from him. Parents may engage their services to prise off the unsuitable lover of a son or daughter. Dozens of wakaresaseya companies advertise on the Internet, under names such as Lady’s Secret Service and Office Shadow. They employ models, actors and personable people of different backgrounds first to trail and then to seduce their quarry. The classic wakaresaseya operation was the one commissioned by Mrs Isohata’s husband. (Timesonline.co.uk)

Rie Isohata, the victim’s husband, called a company that specializes in the services of wakaresaseya back in 2007 to set up his wife and the company employed Mr. Kuwabara for the job. Mr. K, who was also married with children, set out to seduce Rie right away.  A chance meeting was engineered by the conspirators unknown to Rie:

Kuwabara approached the 32-year-old mother in a supermarket in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo, in the guise of a chatty stranger, and asked her if she could recommend a place that sold good cheesecake. (Timesonline.)

And the rest was history, except that in the end, the marriage was successfully wrecked and Rie’s husband obtained a divorce in 2007. The trouble was, though, that Rie and Takeshi and had fallen in love and remained so till 2009 when Rie found out the truth. The couple, Rie and Takeshi had a violent lover’s tiff over the matter and in the end, Takeshi killed Rie by strangulation. He claims it was an accident and that he still loves her but prosecutors are asking the courts to convict him to prison for 17 years.
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