10 reasons to withdraw your divorce petition

So you’ve already filed the divorce papers but deep down you are waffling a bit. Here are ten reasons to withdraw the damn thing and give your marriage one last courageous go at it.
1. Love can conquer all if you just try a little harder; swallow a bit more pride and you’ll see what a big difference it can make.
2. You’ll have to start dating again and there’s not that much out there to choose from so why not give what you have a second chance?
3. Starting over from scratch can be the pits – do you remember what it took to build this life you have with this person, all the time, sacrifices and labor? You think it’s easy to do all that all over again with somebody else?
4. The marital residence will have to be sold and look how much you both put into it already – money, love, work, memories. It was a symbol of your togetherness and your commitment. Now somebody else will be living in it and you probably won’t make a dime on the sale. Does that make sense?
5. The recession – nothing brings more economic and emotional security than marriage at a time like this.
6. The kids
7. You may be trading in your current “imperfect” spouse for an even worse devil down the road. Remember the saying you know the devil you have but you don’t know what you’re going to get? Ok well shut, up, sit down and pull that petition back right away cause you probably know deep down it’s not that bad.
8. There is no such thing as a irreconcilable differences you can always compromise on something if both of you will stop being so stubborn.
9. Single life can be lonely when you are used to being a couple; if you know you can’t stand to be alone, what are you doing getting divorced?
10. You took vows that said you would be together till death do you part.
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