On becoming a divorce connoisseur

Connoisseurship is about having specialized knowledge about a certain subject. Sommeliers are connoisseurs with special knowledge about wine, for example. Almost every discipline has people in it that are so specialist and have such superior expertise, you can only call them connoisseurs.
So how about you? You’re wanting to become a divorce connoisseur. What advice can I give one who is possessed with this deep ambition? Well, first of all, one will probably have to be a hybrid between a divorce lawyer and a divorce and marriage counselor. So I think a connoisseur of divorce would have a law degree and an advanced degree in psychology to begin with. Plus, they would have to be spiritually aware. So a clergyman/woman with a law degree and a psychology degree would almost be the perfect person for something like this. If you don’t have either then start by going back to school to polish up your academic resume. And begin to study religion – all genres of it. You just can’t cut corners.
Beyond that, I’m thinking a connoisseur would have at least ten years experience in each discipline and have seen a plethora of fact patterns involving the divorces of a large cross section of people and their issues and has come up with workable solutions and ideas to help move people going through divorce along the process without too much spilled blood. That takes great skill and finesse that only comes with time and practice.
A connoisseur is not the combative type. They are more like mediators and are very good at getting people to sit down at the table and negotiate in a sane, fair manner. So in addition to their education, divorce connoisseurs have a natural affinity for peace-making and conciliation and they are highly respected for their skills, as well as sought after for their expertise.
Have I personally ever actually met a divorce connoisseur? No. I’ve never even heard the term actually. I just made it up so that I can have something to talk about on this divorce blog. But in time, I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually becomes a thing that people talk about and aspire to be.
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