ARIZONA: Tiger Woods' scheduled press conference this Friday is good for his career and his marriage too

Reports are swirling that Tiger Woods will be holding a kind of press conference on Friday to coincide with Accenture Match Play Championship in Arizona. This story was reported today by the Associated Press. You may recall that following his admission of infidelity with a string of golf babes ,¬† Accenture was one of the main companies that dropped Woods’ endorsement deal.
Since the story erupted in November 2009, it was anticipated that his wife Elin Nordegren would file for divorce. Months later no divorce has been filed. Rather, Elin is said to be cooperating with her husband and his shrinks in getting him much needed help with what appears to be some form of sexual addiction of some sort.
Woods has not appeared in public since the debacle. That is a good thing. That is a smart thing do. The way his handlers are micromanaging his comeback by first having him apologize publicly is brilliant as well, especially since he’s been keeping such a low profile.
I hope this apology has the effect they are after and that he will be able to put this unfortunate chapter of his life behind him. And his marriage, if it survives this period without a filing for divorce within the next six-12 months, will be made stronger in the long run too.
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