TEXAS: Attorney general Greg Abbott blocks gay divorce

Texas attorney general Greg Abbott has filed papers in court to block a divorce of a lesbian couple who were married in Massachusetts in 2004. The couple, Sabina Daly of San Antonio and Angelique Naylo obtained a divorce in Austin. The attorney general, however, is trying to see to it that the divorce is not entered into the county clerk’s dockets. If a divorce is not entered, it is technically not valid. It has to be entered to be valid. The attorney general is quoted as saying:
“Texas can’t have a faulty precedent on the books that validates an illegal law.”
I don’t know if I agree with his reasoning. Texas, like other states, give full faith and credit to marriages entered in other jurisdictions, including homoesxual marriages. For example, even though gay marriage is illegal in New York State, if a couple gets married in a state where gay marriage is legal, New York state gives full faith and credit to the marriage and so if they wanted to divorce, and New York is their domicile, they should be able to divorce here. I don’t know of any precedent but I believe that is what the law is on this score. So in Texas, while I understand that gay marriage is illegal, since they were legally married in Massachusetts and they are now domiciled in Texas, I think they should be allowed to divorce there under the “full faith and credit” theory.
Is this a civil rights issue?
Let’s see how the court decides this one.