CALIFORNIA: Parents fight over child's religion – Judaism v. Catholicism

I won’t delve too much into this story. But I thought it was interesting how these two grown ups were using their daughter as a pawn in their divorce. And it was interesting how the court ruled to. I want to come back to this later. [GSMITHBOOK] I have to rush out right now. But here is the link from the Los Angeles Times. Check it out and come back to Divorce Saloon. Hopefully by then I would have had time to read the article more closely and render my unsolicited opinion. 🙂
But yea, I feel this is a classic case that illustrates the importance of having an iron clad prenup hashed out before marriage. I mean, even the religion of the kids needs to be agreed upon, or no deal. What do you think?
UPDATE: Ok. I’ve decided. The wife is evil. I saw the story on 20/20 and I think she’s just absolutely evil.