FLORIDA: Tiger Woods apologizes; no divorce imminent

He made me cry. I shed tears listening to Tiger Woods apologize. He humbled himself before everyone: his wife, his mother, his fans, his sponsors, his employees, everyone.  He acknowledges that his behavior was foolish and selfish and that he had strayed from his core values with his irresponsible behavior.
I think he means it. I think he was genuine. I hope. He defended his wife vehemently and stated that there has never been domestic violence in their marriage. SORRY ELIN. I know we have written and speculated about her role on this divorce blog and so we apologize for the speculation and for any offense we may have caused her.
We hope Tiger is genuine and that he will do everything in his power to see to it that nothing like this happens again. He needs to focus on his marriage and his family and to somehow re-establishing trust where all trust has broken down. It is going to be hard for him. It is going to be hard for them. But I for one believe they can manage to pull it off if they both commit to saving their marriage, if divorce is not an option for the two of them.
Good luck, Tiger and Elin! It must be love.  🙂
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