Which one, Buddhism or Christianity, hates adultery more?

When Tiger Woods stated in his mea culpa that he intended to return to his Buddhist roots so as to guard himself from temptations, I wondered whether it was Buddhism he needs or whether Christianity might be a shorter route? It turns out that  they pretty much preach the same thing. According to Christianity, adultery is a sin. Period. It is one of  the 10 Commandments: “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.” If Mr. Woods simply vow to follow this commandment from now on, he will remain faithful to his wife.
Buddhism seems to also preach the same gospel. They just put it differently:
“Whoever has illicit affairs with the wives of his relatives or friends, either by force or through mutual consent, he is to be known as an outcast.”
Hopefully Tiger has learned a valuable lesson and he will truly live by these principles going forward. Whether Buddhist or Christian, this type of behavior spells bad news for everyone – no matter who we are. Certainly a person in Tiger Woods’ position has learned this the hard way.