MICHIGAN: Senator McManus introduces bill to bring back "fault" divorces

[GSMITHBOOK] Will Michigan follow New York and start to require parties prove fault in their divorce action? Yes if Senator McManus has her way. She’s drafted and introduced and referred the bill to the Committee on Judiciary and she seeks to amend the current divorce bill.
She basically wants parties to prove fault if one party does not want the divorce or if children are involved. I was just reading Family Lore which is a divorce blog written by an English solicitor named John Bolch. Over the pond, they are trying to reform their divorce laws so that divorce becomes less “blame centered.”¬† He writes an interesting post here.
But I don’t know if I am on the side of proponents who call for more lax divorce laws. I think New York is right on this. Force parties to prove fault. Other states are starting to see the error in their ways too. Right now, New York is the only state that requires a party to prove fault to obtain a divorce and believe me, this law is not popular with a lot of folks. They want to move New York to a less arcane model, like that used in the other 49 states, namely, “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.”
I think, as I argued here, that this model is bad for families and quite expensive for tax payers.
Wonder if McManus will have any luck with that over in Michigan?