The Madoff name change revisited: Stephanie Madoff tries to make her kids invisible by changing their names to Morgan

[GSMITHBOOK] Stephanie Madoff, Mark Madoff’s wife, petitioned the New York Supreme Court for an order allowing her to change her last name and that of her children from Madoff to “Morgan.” She also asked for the file to be sealed but it was not sealed and now Stephanie’s business is all over the stratosphere. Poor Steph. I think it was not fair to reveal this to the public. She didn’t do anything wrong and neither did the children whose names she is trying to change to protect them and give them a fair shake at life. What an indictment for these kids to be saddled with the Madoff name for the rest of their lives. The court could easily have allowed a confidential filing for the children’s sakes. But no. All the same, by the time a few years passes no one will remember that Stephanie Morgan is really Stephanie Madoff unless she breaks the law or something. The entire family is as follows:  Stephanie, their daughter Audrey, 3, and their son Nicholas, who just celebrated his first birthday on Feb. 13.
We did a post here  months back about Mark’s brother Andrew Madoff’s wife Debbie and whether she ought to change her children’s names as well. Boy. Read more on the story if you wish here.
It is best for Audrey and Nicholas. By the time they reach high school it won’t even matter. The time to change their names is now. Wonder what Andrew and Mark plan to do about their name situation? What will they change their names to? If I were Mark I would go with Mark Morgan as well. Why not? Why is he hanging on to the Madoff curse?