Jake and Vienna can divorce proof their marriage if…

Jake picked Vienna! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, I watched the Bachelor finale. This was the first season I’ve seen and my dear old heart really surprised me. I found myself rooting for Vienna and Jake so much, and when he finally chose her, I teared up a bit. I really have a tremendous respect for the type of guy Jake seems to be. He puts his woman first. Period. He doesn’t give a crap what anybody else thinks of her. Basically, he feels they need to deal with it because he is not asking their permission and he’s not asking them to agree with his choice and he really doesn’t care what they think. What a guy! I can’t express how important this trait will be in their marriage, in keeping them together. Love is a great glue. But you need a man to stand up and put his foot down to everybody and say, “I love her. I don’t care what you think about it.” The woman has to do the same. But this really is so important from the man since, we still live in a world where the initial decision, the asking for the hand in marriage, is still very much the man’s show.
Those two will really surprise me if this doesn’t work out. They seem so compatible, so well suited to each other. They are both daredevils (can you believe when she bongie jumped off that cliff with him? That’s when I knew that even if they had let my aged backside on that show, I was not the one for a guy like that cause I don’t bongie jump for NOBODY! You mad?) But I really think those two have got it and I am so happy for them. And I don’t think they need a lot of advice from me about divorce-proofing their marriage. What do I know after all?¬† I just want to thank those two lovebirds though because they made me realize that there’s still a little bit of a romantic in this little heart of mine. I really wanted them to end up together and I am so glad Jake is the kind of stand up guy who follows his own mind and doesn’t leave it up to his mother, his friends or the public at large to make decisions for him. He will make his wife very happy and a happy wife is the first key to a successful marriage, I think.