NEW YORK: Should Jerry Seinfeld's "the marriage ref" simply be renamed the Divorce Instigators?

[GSMITHBOOK]Has anyone seen the promos for the Marriage Rep, the new show being produced by Jerry Seinfeld? Last I heard it’s supposed to debut right after the Olympics, which, I guess, means it’s on this week. In the promos I’ve seen, Jerry Seinfeld, Kelly Ripa and Alec Baldwin (all these folks have homes in the Hamptons so I’m thinking that’s how they all hooked up for the project?) were seen cracking up and giving sage advice to people who, presumably, need a referee for their marriage.
Now, if you need a referee for your marriage, presumably, you’re having some marital spats, eh? Now, is this the right platform for marital spats? Having regular folks come on to a show hosted by obviously blissfully happily married celebs (In Alec Baldwin’s case that might be slight hyperbole) to be given glib, blase advice on an issue? Is this a comedic situation? Or is this supposed to be serious, or what?
I was just reading a quasi review over here and this is what this guy had to say about the show (and Alec Baldwin whom he called a lunatic). My only response is,¬† “damn!”:

Not only was “The Marriage Ref” not nearly funny enough to justify the constant chortling from the celebrity panelists, host Tom Papa and the studio audience (though I will acknowledge that jokes always seem much funnier in person than they do on TV), but there was this undercurrent of contempt for the couples being judged that made the whole affair feel particularly unpleasant.
I think Seinfeld is a tremendous comedian, and still consider “Seinfeld” one of the greatest sitcoms ever. Alec Baldwin is an incredibly funny man, if also a complete lunatic. Some of the panelists shown in the clips from upcoming episodes (Larry David, Ricky Gervais, Sarah Silverman) are so innately funny that I’d almost be tempted to check out their episodes if I hadn’t just sat through this ugly, unfunny, patronizing mess.

Should they just come out and rename the show the Divorce Instigators then?
Photo by Alan Light