CALIFORNIA: 13 year old purchases stun gun in Jackson home: Could Katherine Jackson lose custody of Michael's kids?

Celeb gossip website TMZ is reporting that Jermaine Jackson’s 13 year old son made an online purchase of a stun gun and this triggered a visit to the family home in Encino California by the sheriff’s department and by the Department of Children’s Services.
Boy. This is the same household that Michael Jackson’s three children, Paris, Prince Michael and Blanket reside under the custody of their grandmother Katherine Jackson.
That purchase of a stun gun raises a lot of questions about proper supervision of the children in the Jackson home. The kid wasn’t seven, but at thirteen, he is still way too young to have that kind of access to payment vehicles such as credit cards to make such a purchase. And to do it without the adults knowing about it? I can see how it can happen as kids today are really very slick and way too advanced for their ages. But it still reflects badly on the adults in a household that is bound to be a fishbowl of a home given the Michael Jackson angle and his children residing there.
Katherine has to be careful. Because if these types of occurrences become more frequent, it raises the question whether it is in the best interest of the children to live in a home where there isn’t adequate supervision, and where their physical safety could become and issue. As I said, kids today are very mischievous and 13 year olds are not babies; they know what they are doing. They are way past the age of reason. They are capable of making online purchases (which is how the gun was allegedly purchased) but it is no excuse. They are still kids. They have to be supervised properly.
Furthermore, what was he planning to do with that gun?….I personally never really understood the stun gun. What exactly is it? I mean, can it kill? I’m embarrassed to say I don’t even really know what it is. A part of me thought it was a toy. But then I guess it’s not a toy if the cops came knocking. Be that as it may, Katherine needs to do a better job with supervising all the children who live with her to avoid this type of mishap. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to risk losing custody of Michael’s kids.