LONDON: Is Gwyneth Paltrow getting a "friendship" divorce?

Last week’s GOOP was interesting in that Ms. Paltrow did a piece on how and why and when to get a friendship divorce. I thought it was provocative on a few levels not the least of which is I found myself speculating on whether she was projecting out to her reading audience what was really going on with her. And then I really got curious as to which one of her friends she was itching to dump.
I have to say that whatever people say about Gwynnie, she is spot on with this issue. Sometimes, you just have to divorce your friends. Or, a friend. Why do people find this concept strange? To me, friendships are like any other kind of relationship, a perverse type of “common law marriage” if I may, that involves two people who, though they began all giddy and in love with each other, tend to grow apart as the years roll along. Like any “marriage” your “friendships” can grow toxic over the years. You can just outgrow each other. Or one of you may get a new best friend, injecting friendship infidelity into the brew. Or you can even have violence between friends, albeit verbal violence where what they are saying to you or you to them, rises to the level of emotional harm or abuse.
God knows, I’ve personally had a few friendship divorces over the years. Most of them have been velvet ones whereby we just stopped calling each other and life just went on. But others have been more dramatic where you have the show down and you let them know, to the day, what they did, when they did it and how they did whatever they did that has brought you to this dramatic moment where you want out of the friendship.
What can you do? C’est la vie! No one should have to suffer in a miserable “friendship” just because they’ve known the “friend” for years. Divorce ’em! Find new friends. After all, its not as if you are married to these people.
So. Wonder which one of her friends is Ms. Paltrow divorcing? I’m thinking it’s got to be Madonna.