HOLLYWOOD: MO'NIQUE would not divorce husband for cheating?

2010 Best Supporting Actress contender for the movie Precious, Mo’nique, has come out and said she would not divorce her husband if he had an affair. She says they have an open marriage. Inneresting. Well, some people are natural born polygamists. And some people are natural born sadomasochists. And some people are sadomasochistic polygamists. And still others just have open marriages. With their husbands. And give him a free pass to cheat. Which is fine. She’s smart. It’s really just reverse psychology. Obviously, she doesn’t really mean it. She’d chop off his penis and saute it in Jamaican hot sauce if he did that – guaranteed. She’s just daring him to be stupid. She’s giving him rope to see what he does with it. It’s a test. It’s a total test.