HOLLYWOOD: Kathryn Bigelow kicks her ex-husband James Cameron's a$$

They were both up for best director for the 2010 Academy Awards and ex-spouses Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron put on a cock fight; but it was the ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow who emerged triumphant over her ex-husband James Cameron, kicking dirt in his face as she and her posse stampeded to victory for The Hurt Locker over Cameron’s insanely successful Titanic Avatar. (Actually, to be fair, the two are on good terms and he’s been her mentor since they divorced in 1991 and has even produced three of her movies as stipulated in their divorce settlement – per the Financial Times.)

But if she wins at the Oscars on Sunday night, she will not have time for any more diversification. Hollywood and the world will have found their first superstar woman director. (Financial Times).

Oh, and Kathyrn’s movie also won best picture. Eat that, James!
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