BOOK REVIEW: The Recession Made Me Eat It – by Genevieve Smith

Title & Publisher: The Recession Made Me Eat It: How the bad economy forced me to live on $20.00 per week from Waterfall Press, Inc., edited by Brenda Monteau and M. Lewis, 2010.
First Impressions: The book which is now available exclusively as an eBook is short, snappy, funny and wise. It would make a lovely little hard cover. The recipes are artful, and fun.
Author’s perspective: This book is really a social commentary that uses food as the entry point to discussion about the economy, joblessness, etc. It is not, strictly speaking, a cookbook. That is what attracted me to the concept. It is intended to call attention to the plight of people around the country who are neither rich nor destitute but who are having a tough time with everything, including basic things such as affording food.
The Recipes: The recipes are very simple and vegetarian oriented. I did not sense that the author is vegetarian but except for the salmon dish, there were no meat dishes. Still, there is a balance here of all the food groups. The recipes are fun, cute, delicious and easy and quick to make. Lots of organic apples, pears, beans, oats, tomatoes, cheese, etc.
Other selling points: In addition to the recipes, the book really shed light on how the recession is ravaging the average person’s life in this country. But it has a positive tone and attitude. People don’t expect educated and professional people to live on $20.00 per week. The candid way in which Genevieve reveals her hardships and her positive attitude is a huge selling point. And it should be a wake up call to politicians in Washington whom she discusses and compares to children in the playground. There is a great chapter, Water, where Genevieve turns on the tap and is so thankful for something we all take for granted. How many people stop to think that it is a blessing and a privilege that when they turn on their taps, water that is drinkable will come out? It is the simplicity of things that she eats and appreciates that makes this book a gem.
Strengths and Weaknesses: I loved that the book is so accessible and Genevieve is likewise accessible. I think the book ended a bit abruptly. It is only 77 pages and just was I was starting to really get into it, it was done.
Should you buy it? Absolutely. Get your copy Today!
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Review by Jeannie Goldstein