NEW YORK: Affluent soccer mom Susan Williams hires undercover cop to put a hit on her alleged abusive husband Peter Williams

The New York Post is reporting that “upper crust housewife” and soccer mom Susan Williams (she’s from Long Island) was busted for trying to hire an undercover cop to put a hit on her husband Peter Williams. She was arrested and now is sitting in jail waiting for bail of $1,000,000.00. Apparently, the husband’s lawyer says that Susan is totally “desperate” and “sick”. The housewife’s lawyer says that Peter is “abusive” and a “deadbeat dad” and that, according to Susan, he wanted “deviant sex.” They were married over two decades and had four kids together. Apparently Susan couldn’t believe, that at $20,000 a pop, murdering her husband (vicariously through a hired hit man) was so “cheap.”
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