DIVORCE TIPS: 12 smart things to do with your divorce settlement

12 SMART THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR DIVORCE SETTLEMENT: When I heard that Heather Mills had pretty much blown her multi-million dollar divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, I felt sad for her. But it was also an opportunity for me to explore a post idea I’ve been toying with, and that is, WHAT TO DO WITH THE MONEY WHEN YOU GET YOUR DIVORCE SETTLEMENT? 12 ideas:
1. Invest in mutual funds (choose one that has foreign stocks as well as domestic ones; and only buy stocks from solid companies that have demonstrated staying power.)
2. Buy Certificates of Deposit
3. Buy U.S. treasury bonds
4. Invest in furthering your education (you are the best stock there is)
5. Buy disability insurance
6. Start a business (but only after careful business planning and devising a sensible, winning business model)
7.  Get a Roth and/or traditional IRA and fund them well.
8. Buy real estate (cash purchases if possible; no mortgages)
9. Pay off debtors and otherwise clean up your credit
10. Help finance your kids’ college.
11. Pump up your savings accounts.
12. Travel for the culture