ARIZONA: Should divorcing couples have a longer wait time to get the judgment?

Arizona state rep Nancy Barto wants divorcing couples in Arizona to wait a few extra months between commencing a divorce action and getting a signed divorce judgment. She seems to believe that this will somehow reduce the divorce rate in Arizona. And perhaps lessen the burden on tax payers who foot the bill for many impoverished women and children, post-divorce.
Opponents feel that Ms. Barto is well meaning but misguided in that by extending the wait time or “cooling off period” she is effectively causing folks who don’t want to be together anymore to become increasingly acrimonious. And this, the opponents feel, will lead to more protracted divorces and higher legal fees.
I don’t know though. Here in New York, there is no mandatory cooling off period. But divorces, even the uncontested ones, are taking up to a year to be adjudicated. Here in Kings there is a back log going back over six months in some instances. And nobody is getting any angrier. They wait to get their judgment of divorce and when they do, whenever that is, they move on with their lives. At the same time, I have not exactly seen couples reconciling during that lengthy unintended “cooling off period” either.
So I guess for me, the takeaway is, I don’t think Barto’s bill will make a difference either way. It is not going to result in any reconciliations. And it is not going to result in more protracted divorces. If divorces are protracted, it is because the parties were inclined to fight anyway. It is not the time frame for getting a judgment of divorce.
The only thing Baro will accomplish is she will just back log the court’s dockets. Administratively, I am not sure what the point of that would be.