NEW YORK: The Wall Street Journal dishes on socialite Tinsley Mortimer’s divorce

[GSMITHBOOK] I don’t know what to make of it but divorcée and socialite Tinsley Mortimer, née Mercer, was literally a lengthy article in today’s Wall Street Journal!
Either Tinsley is bigger than I realized or the Wall Street Journal has lost its catchet, completely. And that is not to put down Tinsley. She seems like a fine specimen. But a whole column in the Wall Street Journal? What’s next? A sex column by Ashley Dupree? The day I wake up and find that the Wall Street Journal is the New York Post I am packing my bags and moving to Missouri.
Well now I do recall reading that Mr. Wendy Deng (aka Mrs. Rupert Murdoch) is trying to bring the Wall Street Journal in line with the New York Times and so, instead of being a strictly business paper, the Journal will now be, well, like the Times and cover everything. But a whole entire 1120 word article on Tinsley Mortimer? Wow.
The socialite and divorcee has launched a new reality show called, apropos, High Society — per the Journal. The show  is to air on CW. (Too bad I don’t have a TV to see first hand why this is such a big deal!). But it must be a big christening because our traffic exploded today and while we haven’t yet received the analytics for today, I am sure it has to do with Tinsley. She literally is our biggest traffic mover over here. Don’t get it. Don’t get it at all. What’s up with Tinsley? Why is she such a traffic generator – even for the esteemed Wall Street Journal?
Well, anyways, thanks to the Journal for confirming that Tinsley and Topper Mortimer are in fact DIVORCED. Last time I tackled their story, back last year, it was unclear if the divorce had gone through or if there might be a reconciliation. Apparently not. Says the Journal:

Tinsley begins the show by telling us how her recent divorce has led her to abandon her beautifully decorated Upper East Side apartment for an equally palatial midtown loft. Within minutes of appearing on screen, she goes to a party for Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman and rubs elbows with the likes of Harvey Weinstein and stylist Robert Verdi. But there’s more to Tinsley than red-carpet photographs and black tie events, she says as we cut to a seemingly staged shot of her weeping loudly.
Tinsley explains that she married Topper Mortimer, her “high school sweetheart,” who just happens to be the great-grandson of a president of Standard Oil. Though the marriage thrust Tinsley into the public eye, Topper’s family disapproved of her visibility on the social circuit. “In the old world of New York society, you’re only in the papers when you’re born, when you’re married, and when you die,” Tinsley says. “And that was definitely something that put pressure on my marriage.” (A 2009 New York Magazine story implies that the filming of this very reality show may have helped hasten the demise of the Tinley-Topper union.)

From a divorce perspective, I was curious as to why Tinsley kept her married name? She easily could have gone back to her maiden name, Mercer. But she’s still using Mortimer. Also, it seems they’ve had a very quiet parting, no dirty laundry spilled. And according to the Journal, Tinsley is dating some royal (I think we covered the story last year but I’ve forgotten the details.)
In any event, I guess Olivia Palermo is eating her heart out with this one. How is that fued going anyway?
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