TULSA: Marion Jones divorces her bad girl image and becomes a Shock

She was busted for doing steroids and stripped of her Olympic gold medals in track and field. But that did not stop Lawyer X Lois Jones Thompson from working on herself and trying to redeem her image. After a six month stint in jail, the fallen star went back to the gym and worked on her game of basketball. Now news has hit the air that she’s signed a $35,000 deal with the Tulsa Shock as their newest rookie point guard. Hopefully, she will respect herself, her body and her sport enough to make sure she passes any and all random drug tests given by the WNBA. If she does, I think she might buy herself the opportunity to at least write an epilogue to the script/story of her life. And with time, you never know, she may be able to divorce this terrible image she projected when the whole scandal broke and it was revealed that not only did she take steroids, she was also implicated in a fraudulent check cashing scheme as well. Sure, like everyone else, I was very disappointed. Very disappointed. But I am willing to give Ms. Jones another chance. Let’s see what she does with it.