YEMEN: 12 yr old Ali Nujood's book about her divorce hits English bookshelves

Two years later, things are looking up for Nujood: the bestselling book she co-wrote with French journalist Delphine Minoui was this week released in English, and the royalties are paying for her family’s new home and business, as well as private school for Nujood and her little sister, Haifa. (LA TIMES)

We wrote about Nujood a few times. Check out our posts on all things related to Nujood here. We are so happy for her that she now receives royalties for her book, which, according to the LA TIMES and other published sources, is paying for her private school tuition fees and that of her sister too. Plus, the money from the book is helping to support Nujood’s entire family as well. So all in all, a happy ending.