Tinsley Mortimer on how to divorce the high maintenance husband

[GSMITHBOOK] HOW TO DIVORCE THE HIGH MAINTENANCE HUSBAND Tinsley Mortimer’s life is not all “champagne and velvet ropes” according to the Cape Cod Times. For one thing, she is a thirty something woman without a husband in New York City. This is bound to bring out her desperate side before you know it. Why did she divorce her husband? In this town, she ought to have hung on to that for dear life. Single, eligible, heterosexual males are not that plentiful around here.
Was Topper Mortimer just too high maintenance for her? Was that why she dumped him? Based on interviews she’s done, it’s almost as if Tinsley came to find the socialite/high society lifestyle just a bit tedious. It was like she felt boxed in and wanted to get out to expand her brand image and become a celebrity sensation. This of course does not mesh with high society old money families. (Topper is a relative of the former president of Standard Oil or something big like that). In those families, one ought to appear in the press at birth, at marriage and at death. One absolutely does not do a reality show. That’s much to low-classed and trashy.
Some say that it was the reality show that finally put the nail in the Mortimers’ marriage. Topper, a hedge fund manager, was embarrassed by the thought of his well-to-do wife becoming the next Paris Hilton. And Tinsley got fed up of trying to live up to an ideal. She wanted to work and to grow her brand and to be famous and make some good money of her own. So she unloaded Tops.
Her mother is apparently not in favor of the split. She does not want this divorce to be permanent. But Tinsley is at a point where, though she loves her mother (and her ex husband) she is not prepared to deal with anybody’s high maintence demands anymore. She is going to be herself. I mean, she is not going to make a sex tape just yet. True, it did wonders for Paris and Kim Kardashian. And maybe Tinsley will consider it down the road. But she is going to stick just with the show, and the handbag line and stuff like that, and build her brand.
Topper would only have been excess weight to carry around, too much maintenance. It made sense to divorce him.