Jesse James guilty of infidelity with a tattooed freak – marriage to Sandra all but wrecked

I don’t know why is shocks me that Jesse James, a tattooed bikerman, was allegedly caught cheating on his wife, Academy Award winner Sandra Bullock, with a tattooed freak who happens, mercifully, to be female (male would have off the charts embarassing under the circumstances). Great. But it shocks me to learn that he did this and that he came out with an apology just days after her Oscar win. How embarassing. But Sandra should have known better. They were mismatched. It was obvious now that I think about it. His ex wife was more his speed. She had tattoos up to her neck as well. Ew. Not into tattooes. (dammit I can’t spell tattoo!) Now a divorce is almost inevitable. And to think just this morning we wrote a post that it was a “false and malicious lie.” It is definitely a curse. Winning the Oscar for Best Actresss and getting divorced sometime within the same time frame. Boy.