UK: Bus driver wins lottery day after divorce judgment is finalized

In London this week, a bus driver who had gone out to celebrate his divorce with his buddies was shocked to find that a lottery ticket he purchased with his beer was the winning ticket. The man, Kevin Halstead, will be facing TV cameras today to tell the incredible story of how his winnings came on the dawn of his first day as a free man. The question now becomes whether the ex-wife, who was interviewed and said, “we are best friends, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke” (then why did she divorce him?) will somehow find a basis to sue for some of that money. After all, London is known for its big money cases and is hugely favorable to wives. Presumably, he has to pay her alimony. Can she get an upward modification? Sure, he is going to correctly argue that it is not marital property. But so what? There’s got to be a way that she can claim a piece of it even though it came the day of the settlement.¬† Oh, I Know. In New York the divorce is not technically final till there has been a notice of entry filed with the county clerk. If that never gets filed, even if there is a judgment of divorce, the divorce is not legit. A remarriage could be problematic. Hme…wiggle room….the wife can say that the divorce is not final, refuse to have the order entered, and then go back in and petition, post-judgment, for a re-assessment on the basis that….well, changed circumstances! She could argue that she still loves him and wants to give the marriage another go and that circumstances have changed. Because I can bet you money that now that he’s won, all of a sudden, she likes him just a little bit more than she did yesterday. And true or false, right or wrong, I would totally not be shocked if her lawyers go in for another go at this thing. Do I think they could win? They could. Should they? Probably not. But it sure would be interesting to watch this unfold.
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